Assignment: Religious Reflection Paper

Assignment: Religious Reflection Paper

Assignment: Religious Reflection Paper

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Sample Reflection Paper

Please note that this is simply a sample to use for the form and structure of your paper, not the content. I am intentionally giving you a sample that is not based on this course!!!




Strauss pg. 23-42: “What are the Gospels?”


“Each of the four Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—paints a unique portrait of Jesus Christ…The Gospels exhibit both unity and diversity, bearing witness to the same Jesus (unity) but viewing him from unique perspectives (diversity).” (24)

“Matthew presents Jesus as the Jewish Messiah…Mark portrays him as the suffering Son of God…Luke’s Jesus is the Savior for all people…in John, Jesus is the eternal Son of God, the self-revelation of God the Father.” (24)

“The first three—Matthew, Mark, and Luke—are known as the Synoptic Gospels because they view the life and ministry of Jesus from a similar perspective, follow the same general outline, and record a great deal of common material.” (25)

“Identifying genre is essential for both interpretation and application.” (26)

“The Gospels are historical in at least three ways. First, they have a history of composition…Second, the Gospels are historical in that they are set in a specific historical context…Third, the Gospels are historical in that they are meant to convey accurate historical information.” (27)

“It is recognized that the Gospel writers were not merely collectors of traditions but literary artists crafting their narratives.” (28)

“The Gospels are historical narrative motivated by theological concerns.” (29)

Why the Gospels were written:  (all page 30)

“The Gospels were written primarily to believers rather than to unbelievers.” (31)

“Since it is nearly impossible to identify the precise community situation in which each Gospel arose, as evidenced by the multitude of diverse and contradictory theories, it is more profitable to discuss the general kinds of readers—what we call the implied audience—to whom the Gospels are addressed, rather than insisting on a specific situation.” (31-32)

“It is important to read the Gospels on their own terms, following the progress of each narrative from introduction, to conflict, to climax, to resolution. Reading this way has been called reading vertically, following the story from top to bottom—that is, from beginning to end. The alternative to such a vertical reading is a harmonistic approach, which brings the four Gospels together as one story. The danger of harmony is that is risks distorting or obscuring each Gospel’s inspired and unique presentation.” (33)

“The letters of the apostle Paul—the earliest Christian sources we have—actually give us little information about the historical Jesus. Paul rarely quotes Jesus directly and almost never refers to events in Jesus’ life.” (38)

“The most famous passage in Josephus describes Jesus as a wise teacher who did extraordinary deeds. There are doubts, however, about the passage’s authenticity, since Josephus is made to sound like a Christian rather than a Jew, although he never converted to Christianity.” (39)

“Josephus identifies Jesus as a renowned teacher and miracle worker who gained a large following, provoked opposition form the Jewish religious leaders, and was crucified by the Romans under Pontius Pilate. He also affirms that Jesus’ disciples reported that he had risen and that the movement they started continued to grow.” (40)

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