Governance and Criminal Liability Paper

Governance and Criminal Liability Paper

Governance and Criminal Liability Paper

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Signature Assignment: Property, Governance, and Criminal Liability

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Purpose of Assignment

The student will be applying those skills that he has mastered in this class to create a compliance plan for either his organization or an organization of his or her choosing. This plan will cover five critical areas: leadership, standards and controls, training and communication, risk assessment, and oversight.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Week 3 video andThe Legal Environment of Business, Ch. 1: pg. 7-10, 12- 4; Ch. 2: pg. 70; Ch. 8: pg. 213-216, 230-242; Ch. 9: pg. 258-270; Ch. 16: pg. 434-443; and Ch. 17: pg. 454-457, 462-473

Search the Internet for articles such as, but not limited to the following:

  • “Corporate Governance Defined: Not So Easily”
  • “What Are the Essential Elements of a Corporate Compliance Program?”

Scenario: Your company’s board of directors is exploring expansion of your consulting business and in its due diligence it has asked that the compliance plan for your organization be redone.

Prepare a compliance plan (Part I) and presentation (Part II) regarding leadership, risk assessment, standards and controls, training and communication, and company oversight and should consider whether or not the considered expansion should be domestic or international.

Part I

Develop a 1,750-word compliance plan and include the following:

  • Apply critical thinking skills to decide what actions your Board of Directors should take regarding the leadership of your company and what specific leadership theories should be considered to solve your international expansion.
  • Explain the implications that a change in leadership would have on your company and its adherence to its governance principles and suggest a committee that would provide oversight for this process.
  • Summarize the standards and controls a manager in that business should take to identify and protect all company property rights for your domestic and international business?
  • Explain what steps a manager in your selected business should take to identify and protect the organization from violating the intellectual property (IP) rights of others and include at least one method to address this potential property  risk.
  • Analyze what special problems arise regarding business tort risk when your business decides to do business outside the United States and recommend the skills necessary for a change leader to address this problem.
  • Evaluate the legal risks associated with the expansion of your business and what processes should be in place to mitigate those risks, domestically and internationally, for your business.

Part II

Create a 3- to 5-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation:

  • Present to the board what human and material capital would be required if the expansion took place. What legal liabilities could arise under the corporate form for the Director or officer of the Board of Directors?
  • Recommend a training and communication plan the company should adopt if expansion is agreed upon.

Cite a minimum of five peer-reviewed references.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Assignment Policies



Please read all of the information about the assignments below:


The assignments are to be done in Microsoft Word with Times New Roman 12- point font. Each assignment should use the modified APA 6th edition format. The assignment templates are set up in this modified format. The reference page should be in the APA format for every reference. The word requirement for the assignments are specifically stated in the guidelines of the assignment. The word count is from the first word of the introductory paragraph to the last word of the conclusion paragraph. FYI.


1- There should be a cited reference for each section of a paper as there are conclusion statements in each section (to meet the grading criteria) so the conclusion should be supported by a reference as the assignments are evidence-based research, clinical papers.

2- Word Count- The word count is done from the first word of the introductory paragraph to the last word of the conclusion. The word count must be within the minimum and maximum word limit stated in the assignment instructions. A 10% – point reduction will be made in the total points for the assignment.

Week 1 and 5 assignments should have SIX studies. Week 5 assignment is a compilation of sections from the week 1, 2 & 3 assignments.

Weeks 2 and 3 need to have at least THREE studies in the form of research studies. Please make sure that you look at the instructions for the assignment as well as the grading rubric. I have also provided templates for ALL assignments. It is in your best interest to use these as it will guide you so that you do not make common formatting errors.


Please utilize the resources in the STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER if you have difficulty with APA 6th Edition format, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation or tense structure.


Always submit the assignment in the drop box for that assignment. I cannot accept any assignment as an attachment to an email sent to my college email. Attaching it to a posting to the Questions to Instructor Forum or the Individual Forum is also not accepted.

I cannot grade any assignment unless it is placed into the drop box by the student per university policy.

Turn-It-In / Lopes Write

This is to be used for the assignments for these three weeks (2, 3 & 5) and it is NOT required for Week 1. All assignments will be placed through Turn It In first and then submitted in the drop box on the course shell. No assignments will be accepted as attachments to emails as this is not the university policy.

Grading Rubric-

The rubric for each assignment is found in the upper right- hand corner of the assignment page under the Forum Tab. Compare the requirements of the rubric with your paper prior to submission into the drop box so you will receive full credit for all graded criteria of the paper.

Late Assignment-

Any assignment that is late will have 10% deducted each day it is late. This is a 5- week class. It is imperative that you ask for help if you are having difficulty with an assignment.

You need to contact me as soon as possible if an assignment will be late prior to the submission deadline.