Info-graphic Myths Assignment Paper

Info-graphic Myths Assignment Paper

Info-graphic Myths Assignment Paper


Info-graphic Myths Assignment: Pick one myth from the shortened “Greatest Myths in Psychology” list provided below. Create an infographic related to the myth, including a description of the myth, possible source(s) and example(s) of the myth, and at least three unique, factual pieces of information showing why the myth is false.

In today’s world, people are reading books, newspapers, and journals less and less. Instead, they turn to brief news write-ups, buzzfeed articles, and Twitter to get their information. These sources require less eloquent writing and more creativity to capture the reader’s interest. So, rather than write a paper about the modern myths in the field of psychology, this assignment requires you to create an infographic – a visual portrayal of data and information – using outside sources, to convince your reader that your myth is false.

Info-graphic Myths Assignment Specific Required Elements:

  • Pick a myth from the list below.
  • Include a brief explanation of the myth in your own words.
  • Describe at least one example of where you have seen the myth portrayed in popular culture. This could be in a book, movie, tv show, commercial, news article, etc…but it may NOT be anecdotal (i.e., “my grandma told me…” or “I heard from a friend…”).
  • Provide three pieces of evidence that the myth is false, using a different academic source to support each piece of evidence. Acceptable sources include your textbook, journal articles, and reputable, factual online sources (NOT Wikipedia!). Don’t just state the evidence – make sure to explain why your evidence shows that the myth is wrong.
    • Each piece of evidence needs to be explained in your own words. Quotes may be used but should NOT make up your entire argument.
    • Remember that this assignment is to create an infographic! In other words, this assignment is not to write a paper! Keep the writing to a minimum and display your information visually and graphically whenever possible.
    • Please indicate which source each piece of evidence relates to. In other words, you might say “According to Scientific American,” or use parenthetical citations at the end (Scientific American), or even a number (1) referencing your reference list.
  • Include references listed at the end of the infographic (any style of formatting is acceptable).
  • The assignment should be submitted to Canvas typically as a picture file (.jpg or .png), but a PDF is fine as well. If you can’t get the infographic to download, you can take a screenshot and submit that, but please make sure it is large enough for us to make out all the details of your assignment. NOTE: your infographic MUST be computer-generated and not hand-drawn.

Greatest Myths List:

  1. Subliminal messages can persuade people to purchase products.
  2. Opposites attract: we are most romantically attracted to people who differ from us.
  3. Playing Mozart’s music to infants boosts their intelligence.
  4. Old age is typically associated with increased dissatisfaction and unhappiness.
  5. Human memory accurately records the events we experience.
  6. The polygraph (lie detector) test is an accurate means of detecting dishonesty.
  7. Electroconvulsive (“shock”) therapy is a physically dangerous and brutal treatment.
  8. Students learn best when teaching styles are matched to their learning styles.
  9. Our handwriting reveals our personality traits.
  10. Low self-esteem is a major cause of psychological problems.

Info-graphic Myths Assignment Infographic Resources:

  • Popular free service to create infographics:
  • Another popular free service to create infographics:
  • How to Create Infographics Blog:

There are countless examples and resources available online for how to create colorful, effective, visually interesting infographics. Be creative!

Assignment Policies



Please read all of the information about the assignments below:


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1- There should be a cited reference for each section of a paper as there are conclusion statements in each section (to meet the grading criteria) so the conclusion should be supported by a reference as the assignments are evidence-based research, clinical papers.

2- Word Count- The word count is done from the first word of the introductory paragraph to the last word of the conclusion. The word count must be within the minimum and maximum word limit stated in the assignment instructions. A 10% – point reduction will be made in the total points for the assignment.

Week 1 and 5 assignments should have SIX studies. Week 5 assignment is a compilation of sections from the week 1, 2 & 3 assignments.

Weeks 2 and 3 need to have at least THREE studies in the form of research studies. Please make sure that you look at the instructions for the assignment as well as the grading rubric. I have also provided templates for ALL assignments. It is in your best interest to use these as it will guide you so that you do not make common formatting errors.


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Grading Rubric-

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Late Assignment-

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