Discussion: Passage of Megan’s Law

Discussion: Passage of Megan’s Law

Discussion: Passage of Megan’s Law


Crime Law and Policy

Factors that led to the passage of Megan’s Law: Following their son’s murder, Judy and Dennis Shepard created The Matthew Shepard Foundation and became activists on behalf of ending antigay violence. Judy took up the mission with passion, making speeches, meeting with politicians and celebrities, and writing a book to tell her son’s story. Her efforts have been credited with helping to bring about the new legislation (Stone, 2009).

The struggle to pass the Matthew Shepard Act was not easy, and took 11 years. There were many opponents to the legislation during this time. Some suggested that efforts toward passage of this law could have been better spent on passing antidiscrimination laws (Arana, 2009). Other critics argued that the new law would punish people for their thoughts, not their deeds. Still others felt the law infringed on the freedom of speech. Despite the opposition, the law eventually passed. The new law extended the definition of hate crimes to include “gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability” (Hulse, 2009). In 2011, the first case was prosecuted under the Matthew Shepard Act in South Carolina (Edwards, 2011).

Judy Shepard’s perseverance and the efforts of other gay rights advocates led directly to the passage of the Matthew Shepard Act. Judy was able to influence changes in the legal system and participate in a social movement that has a positive impact on society.

For this Discussion, select one of the laws or policies that were inspired by a single case using the Interactive Community (Megan’s Law, Amber Alert, Adam Walsh Child Protection Safety Act, and MADD National Federal Drinking Age Act). Do not select the Matthew Shepard case. Examine the factors that led to passage of the law or policy and consider its long term impact on society.

Post by Day 1 a description of the law or policy you selected. Then describe the case that inspired the law or policy and explain how. Finally, explain how the law or policy has contributed to positive social change.

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