Technology Deployment Assignment

Technology Deployment Assignment

Technology Deployment Assignment



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Project title:

“An analysis of Human factor’s Role in Technology Deployment for Aviation Security in UAE”.


Proposal Summary

UAE’s aviation sector has been using advanced safety and security systems for establishment of interconnected networks. Such establishments and functionalities demands higher degrees of human resource precision in terms of knowledge and skills for handling, maintaining and deploying such complex yet sophisticated security control systems. Although machines have replaced and eased the associated labor and responsibilities for advanced security levels implementation, human resources’ role in regulating and maintenance of such systems are undeniable. Human resources are associated with handling, monitoring, troubleshooting, interpreting and deployment of such technologically advanced systems. However, they are also responsible for resisting such systems to function properly.

Faulty methods of technology handling can lead to system performance degradations, thereby, diminishing the overall impact of the security systems. Such systems, employed for assuring security, are often resilient to major technical attacks and vulnerabilities of human resources (Almazroui et al. 2015). Therefore, it is extremely important to have a clear perspective regarding specified roles and required skills of human resources employed for management of aviation security with technologically advanced systems.

UAE has emerged as a rapidly developing aviation sector market facilitated with advanced security systems enabled with latest technologies. The Dubai international airport, being the largest airport in UAE, supports 121M passengers annually serving across 92 destinations in 53 countries. The World Economic Forum report furnishes UAE in 3rd position for its aviation infrastructure quality in 2014 and 2nd position in 2015 (Baldwin, 2017). Therefore, maintenance of security infrastructure becomes an integral part of quality service delivery.

The aviation sector contributes to a major portion of overall UAE economy, thereby, supporting huge economic benefits. It also adds value through creation of stronger customer networks ranging from passengers to service providers, investors as well as government bodies. According to surveys, aviation sector support more than 750,000 jobs while contributing about $53.8B to the Dubai economy. Therefore, it is reasonable to invest effort as well as time for gauging the human role and its varied aspects for ensuring security standard maintenance in UAE’s aviation sector.

The current report deals with investigation of human resource roles and associated factors in ensuring modern security system implementation and maintenance. It will identify the present status of human resources and their efficiency in deployed of such technologically advanced security systems and the resilience of such systems in response to human interventions. This report will also analyze the varied challenges associated with human resource management and existing loopholes like lack of skills for coordination and system handling. It will also present recommendations through appropriate solutions for curbing the identified gaps in various human factors, thereby, ensuring a better security assurance and maintenance in UAE’s aviation sector. A qualitative approach will be employed for conducting a research in proposed domain through non-probability sampling of primary data obtained from personalized online interviews of 4 UAE’s aviation security professionals and 6 aviation technologists, associated with development and maintenance of aviation security, by using customized and structured questionnaire using deductive reasoning and positivist philosophy (Ormston et al. 2014).  This proposal also furnishes a dissertation plan, which will be followed by researcher for collection of data, its interpretation and final drafting.

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